Draymond Green Needs To Show ‘More Respect’ To Charles Barkley | First Take | May 1, 2017


Stephen A. Smith reminds people the type of player Charles Barkley was back in the day and that Draymond Green should show him more respect.

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  1. Barkley was infinitely many times greater than Draymond. Apparently, Draymond doesn't follow basketball history because he had no idea who Paul Pierce was either.

  2. I don't even get the comparison in the first place, beyond the fact that they are both extremely well-rounded players.

    Barkley was a better rebounder and scorer by several orders of magnitude.
    Green is a better defensive player by tons.

    About the only area of the game where they are even remotely similar is passing, where Green is probably slightly better, although Barkley was a real underrated passer.

    Barkley's imprint on the game was several levels above Draymond's. Rebounding out the ears and hyper-efficient volume scoring is always going to be more important for a PF than passing and defense.

    People are dumb sometimes.

  3. We need to stop treating the Hall of Famers like their gods. Eventually Draymond Green might even be in the hall of fame himself and people will be treating him the same way when some young star disrespects Draymond Green in 20 years.

    That being said Draymond didn't even disrespect Barkley the media is creating a non story. He said he's the modern day draymond green and someone asked Barkley if he could guard him and Barkley said no….. that's it.

  4. But he don't have a ring so I don't want to hear what if , besides Green has a ring . Since you want to mention if Then Green would have 2 if it wasn't for The Cavs Lol.

  5. Charles Barkley could do it all.

    Kids who know him from TNT and being a funny old man, look up his old videos and his career numbers.

    The man deserves a ton of respect and the HoF should be honored to have him in it.

  6. Seriously why the comparison though, they have a complete different playstyle. It's only cause they are undersized playing bigger positions. Stop with the disrespect to Barkley, there's a reason he was the best player on the Dream Team at the time even Magic agreed to that.

  7. Charles was tooooooo agresive he likes flagrant 2s and fight and he is, play hard u don't like it let's fight so Barkley never let anyone intimidated him, ever, so in Barkley's prime Draymond is a puppy

  8. Barkley is an MVP level player. Draymond just barely make it to allstar… not just that. Barkley will outrebound him, outhassle him, even in trash talking barkley will make draymond cry. Barkley will molest and abuse draymond in the court.

  9. Lmao fuck Charles Barkley he ain't shit, he ain't never win a fking ring… Fuck ESPN.. fuck Stephen a lmao fuck all you ain't nobody owe you guys anything lmao old ass pussys fk all y'all up if I ever see you down the street

  10. Fuck a punk ass green.who is this kid anyway?? Barkley would destroy this dick rider its not even close. Shit we wouldn't even know who green is if he was on a different team.fuck that fraud fake tough guy.. An yeah i dont like green never did

  11. Draymond could never be a franchise player of league mvp.end of story.nothing to see here.
    Top ten in today's NBA would be started through the top 50-100 in the real NBA.these MFS soft and sensitive as hell.

  12. For people who actually think Green is better than Barkley, just imagine if Green was the best player on your team. How far is he taking you? Charles would have at least 1 ring if not for Jordan.

  13. Are this guys fuking comparing Donkey to Barkley…..Green is not a bad player but common…Barkley was a beast back in the day..Barkley >>>>>>>> Green. A top 20 player doesnt compare to a top 100 player. Green should say thank you for this.

  14. That donkey already think that he is better than charles. I believe that if he's not in the warriors, he cant win a ring. Charles carried his team and won the MVP and draymond only rides on steph


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