Stephen A. Doesn’t Believe Peyton Manning Deserves A Statue | First Take | May 10, 2017


The First Take crew attempts to convince Stephen A. Smith that Peyton Manning is deserving of his own statue in front of the Indianapolis Colts’ stadium.

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  1. The comments acting like Tom Brady isnt better than Peyton. Lol, jokes aside, give him one in indianapolis. If any person deserves it there its Peyton. I agree with stephen about the del la hoya statue though

  2. This is the dumbest argument that SAS has ever tried to make…To me Peyton Manning is the GOAT…he made me a fan of the NFL…I used to watch every single week and since he retired I can’t tell you how many weeks go by I go without watching football.

  3. Peyton put the Colts on the map. They were a bumbling, underachieving franchise that no one took seriously for decades before he got there. Without his success and popularity, there’s a strong possibility the Colts wouldn’t even still be in Indianapolis today. Lucas Oil Stadium is, quite literally, the house that Peyton built. He absolutely deserves a statue outside of it.

  4. No not im my mind. He’s already proven himself on his own and so has Eli. Now if they give it to Eli and Peyton then its up to them if they accept the offer and people should not be so triggered for a fight and hate in anger being refused.

  5. This comments response and the media is why I get so angry at the be thanked society being told to fuck off as I don’t need a statue mentality until Peyton wants it. What the hell is your issue stupid people? Do you need a statue to worship? Look at the Yankees in baseball and the Lakers! Lots of statues and NO WINS! Go away and learn to win without the statues for once.

  6. Cam Newton got a statue on Auburn's campus after getting paid to commit, skipped class, won a single championship, and then left before finishing a single academic year. I think Peyton can get one.

  7. Did we watch same super bowl when manning won with broncos the defense won that super bowl it's like Dilfer when he played with the Ravens that's the only reason he has a ring that defense won that shit!!!

  8. There are also reasons off the field for Peyton Manning to get a statue. He made multiple donations and contributions all over the state of Indiana. It's in front of Lucas Oil Stadium, not the NFL Headquarters

  9. What weed is SAS smoking so I could get some? To say Peyton Manning who is a HoFer doesn't deserve a statue is a joke. Manning passed all of Marino records and Marino has a statue.

  10. He deserves one period. I live in Indiana (Born and raised) and I witnessed first hand what he did for Indianapolis and the whole state of Indiana. He made us winners, put us on the map. He deserves one 1000%

  11. Istephen a u gone get slapped bro tahn bout the GOAT. Here we go Peyton gettin a statue he didnt spygate for YEARS to win. He disnt have defensive guru for a hc. He never had the #1 ranked defense in the league unlike a NE or CAR no defense and still have multi winning seas. What?!? Yall dont think that matter give brady rogers any qb in history peytons defensive units in ind theyd been pm18 or worse. This is y i dont watch dis nigga show he praise blatant cheating and lying not hustle and reapect cleveland a smith cool. Stephen a on my soul if i ever c him on god im stealin dis niigga


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