LeBron James Must Join Spurs To Beat Warriors | Final Take | First Take | June 15, 2017


Max Kellerman thinks that Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James need to join the San Antonio Spurs in order to surpass the Golden State Warriors by playing alongside Kawhi Leonard and being coached by Gregg Popovich.

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  1. in my heart of heart i so want to see this happen. and beside look at that, Spurs dont have a point guard at the moment! LBJ can play point and have kawhi on the wing to defend.

  2. Shows how stupid the league is right now when Miami had their super team other stars weren't talking about joining up to beat them. The Spurs in 2014 beat them in even more lopsided fashion their only loss was by just 2 points, the Warriors were blown out in their one loss. The point is the Warriors are not invincible they just had an easy path to the championship, sweeping the Spurs who didn't have their 2 best players and beat the Cavaliers who were by the far the worst defensive team to get to the Finals probably ever, they didn't even shut the Cavaliers offense down really Cleveland still averaged around 115.

  3. Please Please LeBron go to San Antonio !! And the cherry on top would be for them to get CP3
    LeBron James…..Kuwhi Leonard…..Chris Paul…..Manu Ginobli…..Pau Gasol !! This team Destroys the GSW period !!

  4. If lebron and kawhi team up it will be nasty,very interesting.however after that the finals will be uninteresting anymore because all the stars are in the west if that happens. And one more thing i want kawhi versus lebron, if they team up it will be great but i want them to kill each other with there defense and offense.

  5. Great defense is what beats the Warriors! The Spurs can do it. They need a great backup for Kawhi. That would be LaBron. He is usually injury free. If Kawhi sat out or took a break, they wouldn't lose their lead or offensive power. This is a good move for LaBron if he wants another ring, and it is the best threat for the Warriors; otherwise, it will just be the Warriors winning for the next 3 years perhaps. In a 7 game series, the Warriors will always come out on the top, especially now that they have KD. The East is too weak to win. They will get there, but not win. LaBron MUST go to the west and join the second best team there: The Spurs.

  6. For all the Spurs fans on here, yes your team would have won that game 1 if not for that injury. As a Dubs fan, I agree. But winning the whole series, that's a stretch and you damn well know it. Can't go based on just one game. I hope they meet this coming year again so it is finally settled.

  7. And this is why NEITHER LeBron NOR KD will really be RESPECTED like MJ, Kobe, and Duncan were and RIGHTFULLY SO… Unlike KD, they didn't JOIN the teams that BEAT them by overcoming a 3-1 deficit…

    Unlike LeBron, they didn't always TEAM HOP for EASY RINGS… This PUSSIFIED SUPERTEAM era is why the "oldheads" are RIGHT when they say this era is SOFT

    Would we look at MJ the same if he would've joined the Celtics OR Pistons after he lost to them ? How about if Kobe had joined the Suns after he blew a 3-1 lead to them or the Celtics after getting his ASS KICKED in Game 6 ? And GOD HELP ME if Tim Duncan would've joined the Heat after the 2013 Finals loss…


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