McGregor talks suit, presser and how ‘easy’ boxing Mayweather will be


Conor McGregor explains how boxing Mayweather will be ‘easy’ compared to his past fights and how the boxing world is afraid he will succeed.



  1. They just trying to build up hype for more money cuz mayweather owes alot to the IRS. Dont waste your money on this fight thats all its for money

  2. One thing about UFC they do a great job of promoting their fighters until they get knocked out Silva lidell Jones and who can forget Rousey now Conor is their cash cow and the same thing is going to happen to him.

  3. I'd love to see the script flipped, with them fighting MMA style instead of boxing XD guarantee these Floyd fans would be butt hurt. Plus he needed a 180m incentive to fight conor? You gotta be joking man, at least have the balls when you call someone out for using your name to take it to their ring. For those about to say "He wouldn't have time to prepare" Blah blah blah. Conor hasn't boxed a day in his life and only had what 3 months to prepare? Same can be said if they went the other way. It's gonna turn out by whom ever has the advantage (e.g what type of fight boxing in this case) that determines the winner.

  4. That's like Dave Beckham challenging Kobe and thinking he would beat him at basketball. Not going to happen. You fanboys of Conner mcgreggor obviously don't know who Floyd mayweather is

  5. he wasn't necessarily "disrespecting boxing", he's saying he's used to being kneed, choked, elbowed, kicked etc. in boxing it's ur fists only. He's got nothing but respect for Ali, Tyson, Dempsey

  6. Connor would eat Floyd out on the cobbles but not in the "SPORT" of boxing,best wishes,I hope he can go animal on the guy because he is a racist hater ,I admire his boxing abilities and for that he deserves respect.Ali was exactly the same type of fellow.

  7. this shit is a bunch of hype i hope mcgregor nocks his ass out!!! but i wont buy this shit itl b the same shit seen may whether runing around the ring!!!

  8. I will say McGregor will get a hold up better in the octagon after Mayweather slaps The living dogpiss out off him in the Ring and I am nowhere near Bullshitting. He wants to talk about just hands and Add the Ring IQ. It will be an Embarrassment and I like McGregor.

  9. 0:49 Is it a contest? Great question… These fuckin losers in the comment sections seem to vigorously believe it but… No it's not contest, and I'm glad the facts are out there… Nobody cares about press conferences except for casuals!

  10. mcgreggor his fans mma fans are in for a rude awakening. theres a reason why there are more deaths in boxing, theres a reason why there are quite a few retired boxers that are punch drunk

  11. Listen, I know he's just hyping the fight. But leave the sport of boxing out of it. He can say Floyd is easy to beat (in mcg's opinion) but to say boxing is easy? That's bullshit and it's disrespectful even if you're just trolling. If it was easy underpaid UFC fighters would pursue a career in boxing to make more money. If it was easy Kimbo Slice would've become a world champ in boxing. If it was easy Cyborg would've destroyed Claressa Shields in sparring. Mcg's idol is Ali. Talking shit about boxing is the same as shitting on Ali.


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