Is Derrick Rose’s NBA career over? | The Jump | ESPN


The Jump’s Rachel Nichols discusses whether Cleveland Cavaliers’ Derrick Rose’s NBA career is over after he recently left the team.

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  1. Why does he have to give up a contract for Adidas? Most retired players still have the shoe deal esp Michael Jordan. (Not saying he's MJ but Rose can still be a part of the NBA without losing all he's worked so hard to get).

  2. She is sooo right about the mental aspect of things. You see guys come back "better than ever" from season ending injuries (Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Zach Lavine, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant early in his career, etc.). But for any regular person (middle or high school athlete), it is psychologically damaging to have to climb back to your former self after injury. Can't imagine having to rehab way past the average NBA level (insane condition compared to what normal life requires) to reclaim a spot as one of the elite. But he did it as best he could each time and now the self doubt must be strangling him. would I even dare to fast walk if I had the injury history Drose has? Great segment

  3. FUCK ESPN for these speculation videos filled with emotional oraph like empty bubble phrases and bullshit like "needs to grow as a man" and "do it for the heart not for the wallet". First of all, what the fuck do you know about growing as a man and secondly why the fuck would you use dumb esoteric lines like "for the heart" ?! Life is more complicated than these simpleton phrases and if you don't have anything to say about a situation which carries INFORMATION, and you end up speculate anyways to get TV ratings… you can go fuckyourself HARD.

  4. He needs to do nothing fr a year I mean no sports no gym just walk and live. His body has so much damage it needs extraordinary amount of time to self heal. Once the rest is over do another year of rehab and fitness then come back to basketball. Otherwise these injuries will keep coming back.


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